Broadband News

Here we report briefly and concisely on our current projects and the further expansion of our fiber optic network. For further information and questions we are also personally available.

Press about us: Activation in Kulmain

Teisnach, 7 January 2020: Our last network handover for 2019 met with a great response: The Internet portal Onetz provided detailed coverage of our activation in Kulmain shortly before Christmas[…]

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147 km network extension

Teisnach, December 2019: We are pleased to have lived up to our responsibility. We have brought 147 kilometers to the people living in the areas of the Upper Palatinate, Lower[…]

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Network start Taufkirchen

Taufkirchen, 14 December, 2019: In Taufkirchen, the digital future began on December 12, 2019 in a large additional part of the community. Together with our municipal advisor, Mayor Jakob Bichlmaier[…]

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