Network expansion

Fiberglass. It doesn’t get any better than this!

There is de facto no technological alternative for what optical connections can do: upload and send large amounts of data, stream movies and music without interruption, use applications and services as needed – always and with sufficient bandwidth without faltering. Most existing networks have long since stopped keeping pace with today’s requirements and belong to the telecommunications past.

No more talking – rather doing

Germany is one of the world’s strongest economies – but is lagging frighteningly behind in terms of digitisation. This is particularly noticeable in rural areas, which for a long time were subordinated to the conurbations in terms of network supply. Medium-sized companies, agricultural enterprises and craftsmen are lagging behind. Creative agencies, outdoor workplaces and home offices are hardly conceivable without fast Internet.

We make home digital!

In close cooperation with our partners in southern and eastern Bavaria, we are building a strong fibre optic network from which as many people as possible will benefit. Committed mayors are our contacts when it comes to planning the network connection for their communities. The construction projects are implemented by local partners who are experienced and established in the region.

The advantages of optical networks:

  • Fiber optic cable as a transmission medium work without transmission losses
  • Data speed up to the gigabit range
  • Lowest latency
  • No risk of overvoltage (lightning)
  • Future-proof